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Serigraph screen print. "Alpha Ska" by Freestylee: Artist Without Border
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The serigraph print, #10 of 50, is 50cm x 70cm by the late Michael Thompson, aka Freestylee: Artist Without Borders, was originally created for the First International Reggae Poster Contest in 2012. Alpha Ska pays tribute to the contributions of Alpha Boys School and its students to the music of Jamaica.


Depicting a youngster blowing the trombone with an earnest The poster design became the inspiration for the Alpha Boys School logo and later the logo for the Alpha Institute. 


Michael Thompson (1958-2016) aka FREESTYLEE: Artist Without Borders, was a graphic design consultant, activist and poster designer. Thompson studied graphic design at the Jamaica School of Art in Kingston, Jamaica. Thompson was co-founder of the First International Reggae Poster Contest. (